Redbank Valley
Trails Association

301 Broad Street
New Bethlehem, PA. 16242
(814) 275-3421
[email protected]

Trail Rules, Safety & Etiquette


  1. Trail use is at your own risk.
  2. Check website or Facebook for current conditions and trail alerts.
  3. Open from dawn to dusk.
  4. Non-authorized motorized use is prohibited.
  5. See Other Power Driven Mobility Device (OPDMD) policy.
  6. Do not litter.  Pack out what you pack in.
  7. Removal of trail property is prohibited and considered theft.
  8. Park in designated areas only. Do not block access to adjoining properties.
  9. Respect nearby property owners.  Access the trail at designated locations.
  10. Stay within the trail corridor and on the trail. Do not approach wildlife (bears, deer, snakes, etc.).
  11. During hunting seasons, use caution. It is recommended that you and your pets wear blaze orange.
  12. Written permission from RVTA must be obtained before placing any geocaches. Geocaches must be placed within 25 feet of the trail and sometimes less, not on the trail surface and in a safe location. Photos and GPS locations must be provided to RVTA.
  13. Cell phone service, water and rest areas are limited and mainly available only in towns
  14. Report maintenance problems or hazards to 814-275-1718 or 814-275-3421, [email protected], or on Facebook.


  1. Helmets are recommended.
  2. Keep to the right except when passing.
  3. Alert others when passing. Announce “passing on your left”.
  4. Adjust speed to weather conditions, traffic and ability.
  5. Stop, look and proceed with caution at each road intersection.
  6. Bridges may be slippery when wet or frosty.

Pet Owners

  1. Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  2. Remove waste from trail.
  3. Due to narrowness and a lack of designated areas, no horseback riding is permitted at this time.

Cross Country Skiing

  1. Walkers – please try to avoid walking in set ski tracks.


  1. Camping is first come first served at Long Point Adirondack Shelter at mile 8.
  2. Permitted in Long Point area only. (See area info. for other places to stay.)
  3. No fires are permitted.