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Development News – Pending Improvements

Mile 19 Long Run Disaster.  On July 19, 2019, a flash flood destroyed an 1871 15-foot stone arch over Long Run.  It created a 40 foot gap in the full width of the trail. Volunteers completed a temporary bridge over Long Run in April 2020.  The Board is working hard on fundraising for a permanent solution.  Donations will be needed and are appreciated.  Please watch Facebook for up to the date news.

2019 Accomplishments

FAIRMOUNT CITY  In 2019 the ramps at Middle Run Road were lowered to a less steep grade, drainage repairs were made and crushed limestone was added in August 2019, to complete surfacing of the entire 41.5 mile main trail, except for the July 19th, 2019 washout disaster at mile 19.

SLIGO SPUR  Work on surfacing of all 9 miles of the Sligo Spur was completed in early August 2019 including some parking area improvements which were  completed at the SR861 trailhead with help from the Eccles Foundation.  The first mile from Lawsonham  at mile 6 of the main trail was improved in 2016.  A contractor improved from Walker Farm Road near Sligo to SR 861 with Northwest Commission Greenways Grant funding in 2018-19.  Volunteers completed the Cherry Run bridge in March 2017 and the bridges at .092 and 1.02 of the Spur in March 2018 with private donations and grant funding from the Trail Volunteer Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation.  Volunteers and a contractor worked on the lower 3 miles between SR 861 and mile 1. Donations for additional drainage, historic markers (as well as historical information), and other improvements would be appreciated.

BROOKVILLE WHITE STREET/SR 36 KAYAK LAUNCH.  RVTA worked in cooperation with Brookville Borough to establish a kayak launch across from the Depot Street Trail Head with funding provided by the Western PA Conservancy and private donors. One of our Board members also created two wonderful maps of the Red Bank Creek water trail which are found under maps on this website.

HISTORIC MARKERS ADDED.   New markers were added at the Smuckers Peanut Butter Factory and near the former Lower Tile Plant  near mile 19. Bridge memorial and honor markers were added in May 2020 on ten of our bridges for which donations were received.

2018 – The Climax Tunnel at mile 17 is OPEN.  Work was completed in August 2018.

A metal tunnel liner was added in from each portal beginning in February 2017 which concluded in June 2017.  Guniting in the center of the tunnel was completed in November 2017 to help support and protect the 4-course brick ceiling.  This followed the removal of a large overhanging rock on 5-22-16 and the addition of a buttress wall in June 2016 on the SW portal to stabilize the portal.  An 80 foot extension to the tunnel was added at the eastern portal to protect against falling rocks and an asphalt surface was installed inside the tunnel. Work was completed in August 2018.   We recommend walking your bike through and using a light.  We also recommend using a light and walking your bike through the naturally carved Long Point Tunnel near mile 9.

Please use caution and respect private property all along the trail.  Do not trespass on adjoining property and please do not block gates.

For a treat in Spring, at the eastern portal of the tunnel if you look across to a pine tree on the other side of the creek, you might see the resident Bald Eagle family.  Their nest of several years on the trail side of the creek up on Climax Road was destroyed by winter storms.  Please do not disturb the eagles.

Climax eagles

Climax eagles


Trailhead improvements are completed except for a planned widening of the parking area.  New signage, a kiosk with trail and area information, a picnic table, gazebo and portojohn  have been added. Paving has been done and the trailhead is open while additional improvements are being planned for the parking area. Congratulations Brookville on a wonderful trailhead!July Aug 2016 1506July Aug 2016 1503


Redbank Valley Trails Association was awarded a grant in December 2014 by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to install a canoe/kayak launch at the very scenic Moore Road parking area under the Rev. Dr. Joseph Mateer bridge in Corsica. The location is near a loop in the Red Bank Creek near the “notch.” Work was completed by the end of 2015 thanks to our great volunteers.



Crushed limestone was applied between mile 11.4 and 6 in July through September 2016, including through the open naturally carved Long Point Tunnel at mile 8.42,  to complete surfacing of almost the entire main trail except for about a quarter mile stretch in Fairmount City near mile 21.39.  Crushed limestone has not yet been applied in Fairmount City pending drainage work and DEP AMD work scheduled to conclude by September 2018 or possibly earlier.  Volunteers plan additional work to lessen the slope on the ramps at Middle Run after the drainage work is completed.

Creek stabilization work was completed in September 2016 near the Rt. 28 crossing near Fishbasket at mile 21.97 between Town Run and Middle Run and in October at St. Charles at mile 14.69.

The major washout was repaired and the first mile of the Sligo Spur was improved in July 2016.


The beautiful scenic area downstream of the Climax Tunnel at MP 17 to Leatherwood Station Road near MP 11 was improved in late 2015 with crushed limestone.   Areas downstream of Lawsonham from mile 6 to mile 0 were also improved in 2015 after a great deal of work to clear downed trees and landslides that occurred with the heavy rains in June and July 2015.

Trail maintenance and knotweed eradication are ongoing.  Help is always appreciated.

Watch for our fundraising events as we try to raise enough money to make additional improvements and open the trail and the area to greater recreational and economic opportunities. Thanks to all who participated in past Days of Giving and for your support throughout the year. The Day of Giving in 2020 will be held on May 7 and we hope to hold another December challenge to raise funds for ongoing maintenance and improvements.