Redbank Valley
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The main trail runs parallel to the Red Bank Creek from the Allegheny River to Brookville and is near SR 28.  The trail is easily accessible from Route 28 in New Bethlehem, Hawthorn, Summerville, Heathville and Brookville.  The Sligo Spur is accessed at mile 6 of the main trail at Lawsonham, it crosses SR 861 and SR68 as it heads north at about a 3% grade to within one mile of Sligo.

From Pittsburgh:  SR 28 North toward New Bethlehem. In New Bethlehem, turn left at the first light after the bridge over Red Bank Creek on Lafayette Street, right at the 2nd street to the Trailhead parking and Municipal Lot. The trailhead is at MP 20.3 of the trail. You could use Zack’s Restaurant at 301 Wood St., New Bethlehem in your GPS which is next to the trailhead. You can pick up or view a map at the kiosk. You could also start at Hawthorn (MP 24) at Walker Flat Road in Hawthorn (use 4019 Brookville St., Hawthorn for GPS), at Summerville (MP 34- use 170 State St., Summerville for GPS) where there is a large parking area and a port-o-john, or the Depot St. Spur in Brookville (40 S. White St.) or at other locations along the trail.

From Clarion I-80 exit 64: Proceed south on SR66 to New Bethlehem.  After first light on Wood St./SR 66, pass Spruce St., turn right in next block just after Zack’s Restaurant and trail crossing and before RMS Furniture to trailhead and New Bethlehem Municipal Parking Lot at Mile 20.3 of the trail.

From Brookville I-80, exit 78: Proceed South on SR28/36 to left at first light on SR322/36.  At first light, turn right on SR36/S. White Street.  After the first gas station on the right, turn right to parking at the Depot Street Spur which connects to the main trail.  From there you can head Southwest toward the Allegheny River at MP0.

The Sligo Spur trail surface has been improved and is now open and ridable as of early August 2019. Note that the spur has a 3% grade heading down toward the main trail.

Please see map, watch Facebook or contact us for other locations or information.  We suffered a devastating flash flood that created a gap in the trail at mile 19 over Long Run on July 19, 2019.  A detour over local roads is available. Mile 19 Washout Detour

Check our current status report of Facebook for current conditions closures and the progress of improvements. TRAIL UPDATE current as of 12-4-19 2 page