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Access Limitations

Please see Development News  for work in progress.

The Brookville Tunnel at mile post 41.11 and 2 bridges to the east are CLOSED with no current plans or funding for rehabilitation. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE TUNNEL FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.

A bridge was removed at Middle Run Road at MP 21.76 and replaced with steep (9-10% grade) ramps. RVTA volunteers lowered the steepness of the ramps, made drainage improvements and added crushed limestone. Walking your bike is recommended.

The area from Middle Run Road at mile 21.75 west or downstream through Brinker Ave. at mile 21.1 in Fairmount City was improved in early August 2019 with crushed limestone. DEP finished their acid mine drainage remediation work on adjoining property in November 2018.

The restored and improved CLIMAX TUNNEL at Mile Post 17 is open.  Use caution as the asphalt surface may be slippery in cold weather. Walking your bike and using a light is recommended in both the Long Point and Climax Tunnels.

A flash flood destroyed a 15-foot wide 1871 era stone arch over Long Run and Mile 19 on July 19, 2019.  It has created a huge 40 foot gap in the trail that requires installation of an 80-foot bridge.  In April 2020, volunteers completed a temporary bypass and a wooden bridge on the Red Bank Creek side of the arch over Long Run, a small stream.  Access to the bridge is down and up a steep grade.  Please use caution.  Please watch Facebook for current updates on our progress and fundraising efforts to raise the more than $130,000 needed for the permanent bridge on the same level as the trail that will allow emergency and maintenance access over the trail. Donors of $5000 or more will be included on a marker to be installed on the new bridge.

The Sligo Spur from Lawsonham on the main trail at mile 6 past SR 861 to Walker Farm Road a mile south of Sligo is now done except for some parking area improvements.   The 2 trestles on the lower spur were decked and railed early in Spring 2018 . The Cherry Run bridge near Spur mile 6 was decked and railed in March 2017.  Naming rights for the 3 bridges are still available as memorials for a donation of $5000 each.

Please check Facebook or our current status report for updates on trail conditions.  Improvements are made as funding and volunteer time permits. Your help and patience are appreciated.