The Redbank Valley Trail is located approximately an hour northeast of Pittsburgh in beautiful Western Pennsylvania.

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PA Great Outdoors
“Beautiful trail! Ideal for walking, running, and biking! Bring the family!”
Jenelle K.
“I frequently use the trail for running and skiing. It is always a nice, peaceful place to enjoy nature and its beauty.”
Dani E.
“This is one of the finest rail trails ever created. Beautiful scenery. Everyone I encountered was friendly and cheerful.”
Frank L.
“Beautiful trail for walking; the surface makes walking easy. Beautiful scenery. Thank you volunteers for all your hard work!”
Justine K.
“Love walking the trails in New Bethlehem, easy access and very well kept.”
Brenda C.
“I’m excited to have the trail so close to us! My kids will definitely be on it this summer!”
Kara R.
“We LOVE these trails and use them frequently! Beautiful views and nice surfaces. Thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work!”
Karen M.
“Enjoy running on the trail – brings back memories of the of the railroad.”
Chris L.
“I LOVE the trail, when I ride, I see the beautiful sights, to me it’s like meditation in motion, very relaxing…”
Bernie N.
“…the scenery we experienced was among the best of all the trails we have been on…”
Navin D.
“The Redbank Valley Trail is a diamond in the rough and will only get better with time.”
Carlton K.
“The views are so beautiful and the RVTA has done an awesome job making it enjoyable to ride and hike on!”
Maleigha W.
“Incredible work to open a beautiful trail.”
Terry M.
“Scenery that rivals the best trails in the country with a hard working terrific group of volunteers…”
Sandy M.

Welcome to the Redbank Valley Trail

Redbank Valley Trails is a 51-mile non-motorized, 4-season trail currently being developed and improved mainly by volunteers.  The trail was recognized by DCNR as PA’s first Trail of the Year for 2014 for its scenic beauty, connections to other trails and the amazing dedication and hard work of our volunteers.  It is nearly level with less than a 1% grade except for 10-12% ramps at Middle Run Rd. at mile 21.75 and has few road crossings.

41.5 miles of continuous trail have been improved from the Allegheny River at Mile 0 to Brookville at mile 41.5, except for about a quarter mile that has not received crushed limestone near Fairmount City at mile 21.3 pending some improvements following conclusion of a DEP AMD project that should be completed by early Summer.  That 1/4 mile section between Fairmount Avenue and Middle Run Road is now open but rough and walkable.

Please check our current status report for details and on Facebook for trail alerts on current improvements, including improvements that may be underway. The Climax Tunnel is now open!  Using a light in both the Climax  and Long Point tunnels and walking your bike through the tunnels is recommended.

42 miles parallel the scenic Redbank Creek through mostly natural areas over many bridges and stone arches with limited road crossings.  The trail travels from the confluence with the Allegheny River (MP 0) through New Bethlehem in Clarion County at the mid-point, touching on Armstrong County, through Hawthorn (near the Redbank Valley Municipal Park where camping is available), Summerville and continuing currently to just beyond the Rose Siding Bridge, near Maple Street, (and MP 41) in Brookville, Jefferson County.  The Depot Street Spur just before the Rose Siding Bridge leads into downtown Brookville, PA, the Jefferson County seat.

Sligo Spur joins the main trail near Lawsonham at mile 6 and goes north to near Sligo, in Clarion County. The first mile of the 9-mile Sligo Spur has been improved, and work on the next 3 miles is now underway with completion scheduled this Spring. Miles 5 – 9 have recently been improved.  Donations are welcomed. Please help support trail maintenance and improvement through our May Day of Giving, December challenge and throughout the year.

Happy Trails!

Please check Facebook or our “Current Status Report” for the latest conditions.

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