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News and Alerts

The Redbank Valley Day of Giving usually held in May has been postponed until July 9th. Please watch Facebook for more information and a possible event if social distancing will permit.  Needs continue for maintenance, portojohns and resurfacing. Some resurfacing will be done on older sections as soon as materials can be obtained and weather permits.

See our Facebook page (listed below) for the latest news and trail alerts. Additionally, please visit our current status report.  TRAIL UPDATE current as of 5-1-20  Access Limitations, and Development News pages for more information on work on the trail and efforts to repair the damage from the flash flood disaster at mile 19.

After 9 years of work, RVTA was within 4 weeks of finishing basic improvements to all 51 miles of the Redbank Valley Trails when 5.5 inches of localized rain fell within 45 minutes on Friday, July 19, 2019.  A wall of water followed Long Run from upstream taking out roads, trees and rocks as it went, blocked the 15 foot wide stone arch built by the Allegheny Valley Rail Road in 1871, eroded around the arch and destroyed it.  It created a huge gap in the trail.  The photo shows the Board inspecting the site. The Board is working hard to find a safe and economical temporary and permanent solution. A road bypass is available or if the water is low trail users might be able to cross the run on rocks. Thanks to great maintenance work by our volunteers, that was the only area of the trail that suffered significant damage.  Visitors are strongly cautioned not to trespass beyond the orange fences on the main trail as there is a danger of further collapse.

Redbank Valley Trails was honored as PA’s first trail of the year in 2014 for the dedicated work of its volunteers, its scenic beauty and its connections to other trails.  That dedication will get us through this disaster also, with the public’s support.

There’s plenty of wonderful trail to ride.  The trail is now open again between Brookville to the Allegheny River where the trail connects to the Armstrong Trail thanks to the temporary bypass that was constructed by volunteers in April.  RVTA finished surface improvements to the Sligo Spur and to the 1.4 mile just east of New Bethlehem in Fairmount City in early August 2019 with only some parking improvements and gate installations to do on the Sligo Spur.

Redbank Valley Trails Association was honored with a Jefferson Award in Pittsburgh on May 5th, 2016, for its volunteer efforts and accomplishments and those efforts continue.  Thanks to everyone for your volunteer efforts, support  and contributions that make progress possible.

OTHER PAST AREA EVENTS (Watch for rescheduling for 2020) :

Benefitting: Jefferson Co. History Center                                              East Brady Area Development Corporation and East Brady Churches