Redbank Valley
Trails Association

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New Bethlehem, PA. 16242
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Trail Location and Length

The trail travels along Red Bank Creek from the confluence with the Allegheny River at MP 0, where the trail meets the Armstrong Trail.  Both are part of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance.  A bridge at MP 19.5 connects to South Bethlehem in Armstrong County. The trail travels through New Bethlehem in Clarion County at the mid-point, MP 20-21, and continues through Hawthorn (mile 24 near the Redbank Valley Municipal Park), into Jefferson County at mile 27.8, into Summerville and continues currently to just beyond the Rose Siding Bridge, near Maple Street, (and MP 41.11) at the closed Brookville Tunnel in Brookville, Jefferson County. Just before the Rose Siding Bridge, to the left is Brookville’s Depot St. Spur which leads to downtown Brookville across from the Giant Eagle on Route 36.

All 42 miles of the main trail in Jefferson and Clarion County have now been improved. However as a result of a disastrous flash flood on July 19, 2019, there is a huge gap at mile 19, just west of New Bethlehem where the flood washed out a 15 foot stone arch bridge.  A 3.3 mile detour via local roads is available.  The Board is working on solutions.  There is still plenty of trail to ride between Brookville and New Bethlehem and between Climax and the Allegheny River.

The Sligo Spur travels from Lawsonham at MP 6, for 9 miles to just south of Sligo in the center of Clarion County.   See Facebook or the current status report for current trail surface conditions.