Parking is available at many locations along the trail. We are working to make the parking areas more well-defined and signed.

Please do not park on the trail itself or block access to neighboring property owners.

Parking is available at the following locations and at other places:

MP 0
Mouth of Redbank Creek at Allegheny River, Redbank Rd., SR 1002, Lat. 40.9813/Long. -79.5486

MP 12.4
Leatherwood Station Rd., T-468, 41.003/-79.4107. *NOT maintained in Winter.

MP 17.05
West side of Climax Tunnel, Climax Rd., SR 1009,  40.9859/-79.3751.  Tunnel Closed.  May not be available due to tunnel repairs.

MP 20.3
New Bethlehem—Municipal lot and trailside off SR 66 (Wood) and 28 (Broad St.)  41.0024/-79.3322.  Large lot.

MP 24
Hawthorn by United Valley Soccer’s Pottery Field off SR 28 at Walker Flat Rd. 41.0192/-79.2730.

MP 25.5
Mayport – at Mayport Road.  41.033564/-79.251198. Limited.

MP 31.4
Heathville Road, SR 3007, 41.0895/-79.1808. Very limited.

MP 34
By Summerville Post Office at 170 State St. and Station St., 41.1153/-79.1850.  Large lot with port-o-john.

MP 35.7
Moore Road off SR 28, right at bottom of hill, 41.1242/-79.1629

MP 41

Depot St. Spur, Brookville, SR 36 across from Giant Eagle or
Maple St., Brookville, SR 36 to Race, left on Maple, proceed past end of Maple through woods to limited parking on right. 41.1522/-79.0871